Blog about the Iftar in Israel

Last night the Abrahamic Reunion had its annual multifaith Iftar dinner in Israel.

This year the Iftar was hosted in Daliat El Carmel, the largest and southernmost Druze town in Israel.

We invited 175 people, but approximately 265 people came, filling every chair and table to capacity.

All four major faiths in Israel participated in nearly equal numbers.

Prior to eating a number of speakers spoke in Hebrew and in Arabic about the brotherhood of humanity in this region.

Some of the eminent speakers included:

Sheikh Muwaffak Tarīf – The head of the Druze community in Israel

Rafik Halabi – The Head of the Municipality of Daliat El Carmel

Ron Shapiro – Haifa District Court Judge

Imam Samir Assi – the Imam of the Al-Jazaar Mosque in Akko

Rabbi Dahlia Shaham – the Ohel Avraham congregation and Leo Baeck education center in Haifa

Siham Halibi – who together with Sheikh Abed Manasra organized this event on behalf of the Abrahamic Reunion

Ghassan Manasra – the International Director of the Abrahamic Reunion

Sheikh Helmi Hamad – of the Qadiri Order provided the Adhaan for the Magrib Prayer

During the meal itself one could see at each table Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians eating, sharing, laughing and discussing together.

During these troubled times in Israel, people took great comfort and reassurance in coming together and affirming their commitment to mutual understanding, and a peaceful co-existence.

The Abrahamic Reunion extends a special thank you to Siham Halibi, Sheikh Abed Manasra and the Druze community for organizing and hosting this event.