Multifaith Iftar Dinner in Israel.

Last night the Abrahamic Reunion had its annual multifaith Iftar dinner in Israel.

This year the Iftar was hosted in Daliat El Carmel, the largest and southernmost Druze town in Israel.

We invited 175 people, but approximately 265 people came, filling every chair and table to capacity.

All four major faiths in Israel participated in nearly equal numbers.

Prior to eating a number of speakers spoke in Hebrew and in Arabic about the brotherhood of humanity in this region.

Some of the eminent speakers included:

The head of the Druze community for the entire Middle East

The Mayor of Daliat El Carmel

The Head Judge of the Jewish Courts in Haifa

Rabbi … of Haifa

Ghassan ..

Other eminent guests included a Chisti Sufi Sheikh from India

Unfortunately some of our other speakers that were scheduled to speak were unable to present due to the time for the Adhan

Since I only speak English, and the entire program was in Hebrew and Arabic, I am still getting all of my facts straight, (which I can send to you once others wake up and can explain it all to me,) but in general it was a great success.