Ramadan Iftar Peace Dinner

There is a peace that passeth understanding and abides in the heart of the one who knows “I Am”

The Abrahamic Reunion’s 14th Annual Multi-Faith Ramadan Iftar Peace Dinner

Dear Friends of the Abrahamic Reunion,

We are still receiving recognition and accolades for the events of the Week of Healing the Heart of the Holy Land.

It was great to finally get top-tier involvement from Israeli Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze religious leaders.  The work we did with the Young Peacemakers and in our very first Families Forum will continue on a regular basis supported by quarterly visits to the Holy Land by Sheikh Ghassan and Anna.

Just to reiterate the scope of the work that we are doing, we spent the morning with a bereaved Bedouin woman, the afternoon in an Israeli Settlement Yeshiva that had been attacked, and the next morning in the oldest Palestinian Refugee Camp, all as part of Healing the Heart of the Holy Land.

During this time of violence with many deaths in Gaza and rockets landing in Israel the need for our work is so very critical. We have proven that a concerted effort on a grassroots level to bring diverse groups together can produce profound results. We have witnessed, last month, people who a short time ago had very narrow and separatist views, coming to a much more balanced place as a result of our efforts.

This Year we are featuring two 200-Person Dinners,
one in Israel and One in Palestine In 2018.

We are once again hosting an interfaith Ramadan peace dinner for 200 people of the four major faiths in Israel, and a parallel Iftar dinner in Palestine for another 250 people. Both of these events have a combined budget of about $18,000. This includes renting large busses, food for 450, getting adequate banquet spaces, paying our peace-building project managers, flying Sheikh Ghassan and Anna to the Holy Land, photography, and many other expenses that make the event successful.

There are hundreds more who want to come to these breaking of the fast dinners – we actually have a waiting list of hundreds of interested people for these events – so this year we are doubling our Iftar capacity to try to meet the demand.

Please bear in mind that we now know that if 450 people are touched, the word will get out to ten times that many people, and the idea that peace could prevail becomes more of a reality every time we have a major event.

Many of you are donors already and we deeply appreciate that. But the need seems to be ever-present.

We really are making a difference and by donating you become part of something that you can truly be proud of.

All of us are fortunate in that we live in places that are not overly traumatic, and we are helping to create more places of peace and healing rather than trauma and tragedy. Please give what you can. 

A $100 donation will cover 3 people, $1000 will cover 33, and $10,000 will cover either dinner, start to finish, from planning to reporting. All this money will be spent on these programs in the Holy Land. Please give.

With profound hope,

David Less
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board
[email protected]