1 Week until Healing the Heart of the Holy Land!

Healing the Heart of the Holy Land Begins in 1 Week!
April 13th – 25th: HHHL Peace Journey
April 16th – 23rd: HHHL Events Across the Holy Land
April 26th: A very special HHHL Praying Together in Jerusalem

Dear Supporters of Peace Around the World,

Healing the Heart of the Holy Land (HHHL) is a week away! Right now as you read this email, Executive Director Dr. Anna Less and International Director and Representative Sheikh Ghassan Manasra are in the Holy Land, meeting with peacemakers, peacebuilders, and allies to organize the events of HHHL: the single largest undertaking the AR has ever attempted. Stay tuned for event announcements, reports, photos, live blogs, updates via Facebook, and more!

Tune in for Video Updates on Facebook Live

We’re excited to let you know we’ll be offering regular live broadcasts, interviews, and video sessions with the AR’s dedicated core of peacemakers! We’ll bring you right into the action, so you can share in prayer and spread the word about the positive things that are not only possible, but already happening on the ground in the middle of this extremely tense time in the Holy Land.

AR Documentaries

Thank you again to all those who supported HHHL, both monetarily and in prayer. We have contracted a fabulous duo from a Dutch videography company who will be producing two mini-documentaries about HHHL and the frontline peacebuilding of the Abrahamic Reunion. More soon.

Crowdfunding Campaign Update

Dear supporters of HHHL, your perks are in the works! Here’s a preview of the sticker and window-cling design. If you didn’t get one of these hot items and want to, you can still show your support on our crowdfunding website today by clicking here. It’s not to late to support the Abrahamic Reunion in bringing healing to the Holy Land!

An Eye to the Future

We have spent a considerable amount of time, energy, and resources preparing for the events of HHHL which look to launch the AR into a new chapter of peacebuilding in the Holy Land. Upcoming, we will have the annual Multifaith Holy Land Iftar Peace Dinner for 200+ participants this May 31st, and follow-up programs through the summer to continue the momentum built in HHHL.

This good energy is needed more than ever right now, when the tensions are rising.